Feedback about Luton's Local Offer

In this section you can find out how to give your feedback about Luton's Local Offer, read other users comments, and find out how they have been resolved.

If you would like to give feedback about something you have found, or been unable to find in the Local Offer then click on the 'Feedback' icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.  Choose the icon that best suits your feedback and fill in the form.  Your feedback will be sent to the Family Information Service (FIS) who will then action the form as appropriate.

Your details will be kept confidential and not passed on or published without your consent.

You can give feedback anonymously, however if you complete your contact details we will personally provide you with an update on what has been done to resolve your issue, or provide you with the information you were looking for. 

Please note comments about specific providers will be sent anonymously to the provider and they will be asked to provide a response.  Where the FIS have contact details we will then pass the response on to the user. 

Comments and responses will be published when:

  • there is evidence of a genuine concern or problem
  • there are no concerns about breaches of privacy or data protection
  • there is no abusive or deflammatory language

Here is the feedback we have received and responses (where relevant). 

Report of broken link to Local Offer page of High School 30/11/2016
Response:  Links were updated to the school's local offer on their website.  Response sent to customer 30/11/2016. 

Request to add blank Education, Health & Care Plan template to the Local Offer, 23/11/2015
Response:  Blank copy of template added to EHC eligibility record.  Response sent to customer 24/11/2015. 

Request to add category for Specialist Provisions in schools, 5th November 2015.
Response:  Category added and response sent to customer 6th November 2015. 

Request to remove organisation who had closed, 23rd September 2015.
Response: organisation removed and requester updated. 

Anonymous feedback received about nursery prices for Prospect House Day Nursery, 10th September 2015
Response: nursery contacted and information updated. 

Correction to website address required for Poppies Nursery, 1st September 2015
Response: address corrected. 

Update to address required for Challney High School for Girls, 24th April 2015
Response: address corrected. 

Broken link in Ferrars Academy record, 15th January 2015
Response:  The school's web address had changed and the directory had not been updated.  This has now been corrected.
Response sent to customer: 16th January 2015

Back office showing searches for 'Selective Mutism' with no results, 17th December 2014
Response: Research identified a web based advice service with information and advice, forums, resources and training. 
Added to Local Offer 17th December 2014. 

Feedback via website, 19th November 2014
Searching for autism provisions in Schools & Learning section - no drop down for autism.
Response: results can be narrowed by 'Autistic Spectrum Disorders' or other conditions, and by school type in the left hand side 'Narrow your Results' section.  Feedback was anonymous so unable to respond to customer to help them find the information they were looking for. 

Feedback via website, 18th November 2014
Found information about organisation called Mindfull but contact details not working, need support for young person suffering from anxiety and depression
Response: It was confirmed that Mindfull had gone into administration at the end of October. The service was removed from the local offer. Alternative local services were offered in support of the young person.
Response sent to customer: 18th November 2014

Verbal feedback via Parent Carer Forum, 7th November 2014
Lack of information about Tourette Syndrome, access to support, local clubs etc
Response: Research was done to find a Tourette Syndrome charity who run a support group in Luton. Information was sent to the Parent Carer Forum rep along with the details of the Contact a Family 'Making Contact' forum where families can find support from other people with experience of the same disability or condition.
Response sent to customer: 7th November 2014

Feedback via website, 18th October 2014
Customer had been searching for 'resourced provision' in relation to nursery schools in Luton. 
Response: This term was added to the description of the relevant nurseries so that searching will now bring up the seven resourced nursery settings in Luton.  Feedback was anonymous so unable to update customer. 

Feedback via website, 16th October 2014
Activity listed on Community Centre page was advertised at 1pm, however it was at 2pm. 
Response:  Community Centre listings were all updated.  Unfortunately the Centres are not currently publishing their activities via the web so these details were removed. 

Feedback via website, 9th October 2014
Staff details are not correct on Someries Infant page and school's local offer link is not available.
Response: Someries Infants confirmed that the staff list was up to date and that their website links were correct.
Feedback was anonymous so it was not possible to follow up and assist the customer any further with their search.

Feedback via website, 10th September 2014
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