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The Young Voices of Luton


The Young Voices of Luton, a group of young people in Luton with special educational needs and disabilities continues to meet virtually every two weeks. They have been ensuring their voices are heard by providing feedback at group sessions on projects such as Transitions, Accessing our Services, the Post Diagnosis Resource Pack, Chat Health to mention a few.

Their main focus recently has been to co-produce a poster to recruit more members to the group, a webpage to celebrate their work and tell everyone about the group, who they are, their values and what they stand for.

They have also had time to reflect on the group values and created shields to stand for the core values which will be published on the website in the next few months. All of this and much more work has happened while they, like everyone else are working through the changes to school and college with Covid, lockdowns and restrictions but they have always made time for the group.

It gives them an opportunity to discuss what matters to them in relation to their health and the services that they use but also to come together and learn from one another.

Get involved

Are you, or do you know, a young person aged fifteen or older, living in Luton with special educational needs and disabilities?

Would you, or they like to join our wonderful group?

Have a look at our poster and get in touch

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