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Luton Children and Young People Dynamic Support Register (DSR)

To ensure that children, young people and their families receive the right support at the right time, in the right place to meet their needs and enable them to live at home or in the local community, clinical commissioning groups (BLMK CCG for Luton) maintain this register to identify children and young people with a learning disability, autism (or both) whose mental health and/or behaviours need further support to prevent crisis or an admission to hospital.  Children and young people on this register may be offered a care, education and treatment review to ensure that all help and support is in place.

The professionals working with your child use the DSR screening tool to see whether your child should be considered for the register to enable further support for example a care education and treatment review (CETR) or support from a keyworker.

‘Hertfordshire have co-produced a short 6 minute video explaining the DSR and CETR processes.

Hertfordshire DSR & CETR processes for children/ young people (under 18's)

Hertfordshire DSR & CETR processes for adults (over 18's) - YouTube Video