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School nursing working in Luton’s Special Schools

Child and nurse

Within our SEND Written Statement of Action, it was identified we needed to increase the capacity in the special  school nursing service and ensure all children and young people in special schools were receiving regular health assessment and support.  The Special Needs School Nurses team in Cambridgeshire Community Health Services NHS Trust have been working really hard to ensure this happens, as we know it is really important in enabling the children’s health needs to be met while they are in school.  The team has increased in size over the last year and continues to provide clinical care to all children and young people with complex health needs or disabilities who attend special needs schools in Luton

We are now on target and children and young people are now receiving their health checks.  In addition we are working to ensure children and young people are receiving a range of health advice including:

  • Oral health
  • Advice on diet and exercise
  • Health reviews
  • Support and information for teenage parents
  • Support for families with complex needs such as diabetes and asthma
  • We work in partnership with outside agencies to promote the rights and educational needs of young carers
  • Advice and information on the issues of bed wetting and constipation
  • We deliver the national child measurement programme, and integrated screening, including vision, hearing, height and weight.

We undertook a survey recently with parents and have received some very positive feedback including.  

“I feel it is important having the Health Assessment filled in in school on site as it benefit teachers to have access to my child’s needs.  The teachers can change every year and having the health assessment in school means that every teacher will know what my child’s needs are”

“It is absolutely vital for a nurse to be at the school. A nurse can assess the situation and know if further help is needed - it is really important. It gives me reassurance and I can ring her to make her aware if my child has had a bad morning or has not slept.  It’s very important for home to school information on how to best look after her”. 

We are pleased to see these improvements have happened and making a real difference to parents

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Download our Special Needs School Nursing Service leaflet