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Luton SEND Information Advice Support Service (SENDIAS)


Luton SENDIAS logo

Luton SEND Information Advice Support Service (SENDIAS) provides impartial and confidential information, support and advice for parents, carers, children and young people around issues relating to Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

The SENDIAS Service is a statutory service supported and funded by Luton Council. The service is impartial and operates at ‘arms length’ from the Local Authority.

The service aims to help children, young people and parents/carers to gather, understand and interpret information relating to special educational needs (SEN) and apply it to their own situation.

Over the last year Luton SENDIAS has gone through many changes, and we are now proud to offer a telephone helpline, email response service and a new website which is currently being developed to provide easily accessible information for service users. We also have a fantastic new logo which was designed by one of the many talented pupils at Woodlands Secondary School.

Our trained SENDIAS Officers can provide advice on local policy and practice, education law around SEN, and related law on disability, health and social care. They can also provide support when things go wrong through early disagreement resolution, mediation, routes of appeal and complaints procedures.

The Luton SENDIAS service aims to develop and encourage good communication and relationships between all parties to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people and prepare them for adulthood.

Our SENDIAS Officers are able to deliver support in a number of different ways and casework will be agreed on an individual basis and may include phone calls, emails, home visits, school meetings and local authority meetings.

Parents/carers, children and young people are able to self-refer via the helpline, email or by visiting the website. Luton SENDIAS is available all year during office hours and an answer service is available.

Our SENDIAS Officers are keen to work with parent/carer support groups, local SEN groups, SEN youth forums, disability groups and support training events. Please do get in touch if you would like them to attend and promote the service to families and young people.

If you would like to speak to someone from the team, please call: 01582 548156

or email:


Please also remember to visit the website which aims to provide easily accessible information, advice and support.