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Luton Parent Carer Voice


About the Luton Parent Carer Voice

Four parents of children with special education needs and disability have come together to re-establish a forum for Luton which is called Luton Parent Carer Voice. It is a community interest company. Each of the parents are passionate about making a difference for all of the children in Luton who have special education needs and disability.

‘I have been part of the steering group from the very start and am passionate about making a difference for all of the children in Luton’ said Justyna who is one of the parents.

The voice is funded jointly by Luton Council, Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (BLMK CCG) and the Department of Education. Each of the parents are making it very clear that they are being rewarded for their time and not their opinion. The most important key which is now in place is independence so that the views of all of the parents can be represented.

‘I have just joined the steering group because I see the massive opportunities that are opening up to have a truly representative voice for every parent’ added Deborah another parent.

Donnamarie brings to the group her extensive commercial experience as a certified accountant. She has given up her very promising career to care for her son and give him the very best opportunities.

She had added that ‘I just want to share my knowledge and experience so that every parent can benefit’.

The final member of the group is Chris who likewise brings his extensive executive experience sitting as a non-executive director on a number of companies.

He said that ‘two of my children have had the very best that is available and I want that to be available for every child’.

The group is starting work on reviewing parental perceptions about the quality of EHCP in Luton and trying to understand from a parent’s point of view what may be the issues. They aim to produce recommendations to address the situation

Other ambitions of the group are to be able to deliver workshops run by experienced professionals to address the issues as to sleep, parent wellbeing, help with diagnosis, mental health, getting the best out of the education health and care plans, plus speech and language.

‘Having started the group, I want to see it will grow by being inclusive of all parents, it is not easy, I know. However, as a certain store keeps telling us every little helps’ said Justyna.

At the end of the day as Chris said 'It is all about empowering all parents and that is what I am up for’.

Please share information about the new Luton Parent Carers Voice with your patients, parents and service users and encourage them to make contact with us.

To get in touch with the Luton Parent Carer Voice please email them at or follow them on Facebook: