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New SEND training Offer as part of our SEND improvement work- watch this space

As part of the SEND Improvements Programme, we are pleased to announce that our new SEND training offer for professionals across Education, Social Care and Health sectors will be available from mid-September 2020. 

This is an important Continuing Professional Development opportunity for all colleagues and partners to enhance their knowledge of SEND. We would recommend that you should be accessing this training to ensure you are up to date with all matters SEND.

As we are working with the restrictions due to Covid 19, our training offer consists of training packages which are available on a virtual platform and will also include online e-training.  

We have a wide of free training opportunities including:

  • Three new E learning modules on SEND which includes in Module One the SEND Context and Legislative framework, in Module Two the graduated response and person-centred planning  and in Module Three all about EHCP’s . This training will be available from mid-September 2020.
  • Online LSCB training ‘Children with Difficulties and Disabilities’
  • Talking Takes Off training focused on embedding the use of the Early Years speech, language and communication Screening Tool for early identification

Other training topics are being developed and will include Preparing for Adulthood, Lead Professional training, Person Centred Planning, as well as popular training sessions on Autism, and Five to Thrive. We are also developing training on our SEND strategy and outcomes framework.

A full programme of the training options will be available in the next couple of weeks so please keep a look out for further information.

The training will be hosted on the School Support site and will also have a presence on Luton’s Local Offer.

For more information please contact:

Stephanie Cash

Programme Director SEND Improvements

Children, Families and Education Directorate



Or Michelle Wright

SEND Project Manager

Children, Families and Education Directorate