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Annual Health Checks for young people 14 plus with Learning Disabilities

teenager having a healthcheck

Supporting and improving health and wellbeing

Annual health checks for people with a learning disability are free and available to anyone over 14 with a learning disability who is on their GP’s LD health check register.

Health checks are there to help people with a learning disability understand what their GP service can provide, get them used to seeing a doctor and help find, treat and prevent health conditions that can often be masked as something else. Sometimes individuals find it hard to know when they are unwell and regular health checks can help them live healthy fulfilling lives.

In the last year across health and social care we have been improving our understanding of health checks and increasing awareness. Working closely with GP’s we have been improving reporting and the encouraging a greater uptake of health checks, particularly for 14 – 25 year olds.

A recent Healthwatch report on Learning Disabilities recommended that annual health checks needed to be promoted and their importance understood. In our SEND Written Statement of Action it was highlighted that reporting and monitoring needed to improve and more children and young people need to benefit from an annual health check.

In 2018/19 there were 729* people on GP’s learning disability register and 202* people had an annual health check this equates to 27% (*all age). In 2019/20 figures have increased to 1607 on GP learning disability register, 436 are between 14-25 years and 241 of these 14-25 year olds had a full annual health check. This shows the uptake has increase to 55%.

Our target for this year is 75% of all 14 -25 year olds on the GP learning disability register to have benefitted from an annual health check.

If there are young people you work with who you think should be on this register and entitled to a health check, please refer them to their GP explaining the value of the checks.

More information on Annual Health Checks can be found on NHS England website