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What’s On the Local Offer


We are excited to announce that the 'What’s On' calendar function on the SEND Local Offer website is now live.

Organisations are keen to tell parents and carers, young people and professionals what’s going on in and around Luton to support children and families with SEND.

Check out the new 'What's On' calendar

Finding 'What's On'

To find this function simply go to the Luton Local Offer home page and click on the 'What’s On' button at the top of the page next to 'Help'

This will take you to the calendar and the listings of what’s on, it will automatically show a listing of services and organisations that have groups and events that are on today. You can search by a specific date, today, tomorrow, in the next seven days or in the next month.

You will see that events and groups are taking place virtually and in real life. So, check out what’s on now and help spread the word about the What’s On function on the Local Offer.

If you are an organisation or know of an organisation or service that would like to let people know what events, meetings or groups they are running, please get in touch on