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Multi-agency post diagnosis resource pack

Colleagues and families across the local area with SEND children have joined together to co-produce a multi-agency post diagnosis resource pack.

Download the multi-agency post diagnosis resource pack

Families who use the community paediatrics service told us they need more information, guidance and support following a diagnosis of a neuro-developmental disorder.

There are a lot of fantastic resources and knowledge among the group between professionals, families and a variety of organisations, but families often do not know about them or where to find them.

The aim of this project is to bring them all together in one place, ensuring that following a diagnosis families have a clear point of reference to guide them through their journey.

The pack will be created in a variety of media - digital, videos, infographics, animations and print to download to ensure accessibility for all. It will include:

  • what to expect at your appointment
  • sleep
  • medication
  • neuro-diversity – the positives
  • support groups in your local area
  • sensory processing needs
  • mental Health – for parents, carers and young people
  • talking about a diagnosis – to your child, siblings, how and when
  • lived experiences – sharing stories (multi-media)
  • a holistic approach - sleep, diet, exercise
  • best practice guide for professionals – co-produced by parents, carers and young people
  • psychoeducation
  • jargon buster

Neuro-disability pathway

Our Community Paediatric teams have also worked with parents and professionals from health, social care and education to create a pathway for intervention and support for those children who might have developmental problems.

The pathway is designed for those children who might be referred into either Community Health Services or CAMHS for an assessment of:

  • a possible neurodevelopmental difficulty or disorder such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • a learning disability

The neuro-disability disorder pathway directs parents of children who might have autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities to the support they need.