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Lorayne Rutter

Age range: 18 months to 8 years old


Current vacant spaces


Under 1 year: no spaces

1 to 2 years old: 1 space

3 to 5 years old: 1 space

6 to 8 years old: no space

Over 8 years old: no space

Date of update: August 2022


Here at Twos R Us Childcare, we learn through crafts, books, language, visual resources and physically witnessing the subject.  In other words, I try to make the subject ‘come alive’ as I deliver the awe and wonder of the world about us.

The learning is often taken outside. We painted bear masks whilst visiting the bears at the zoo.  In the spring, using glue and tissue paper, we made a blossom tree whilst sitting near one in full bloom and we watched the bees hover around it.  We talked about those bees making honey -then sat down to try our honey sandwiches.

When we learn about fish, aside from the crafts, books and introducing new language of wriggly, flapping, and slippery, we visit an aquarium, and tropical fish store to see the different types of fish.  We then took our fishing nets to a stream to try and catch some fish.   We didn’t manage it!


Children will spend many years inside a classroom so while they’re young and can explore, I take them on a journey of discovery.


These activities are carried out with close childminder colleagues and their minded children.    This means your child will have the opportunity of mixing with a larger group of regular friends- in addition to socialising at our local toddler group.


If you wish, you can call - or email for an information pack.  This will show more details of my setting. 


 I look forward to hearing from you


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Lorayne Rutter
Twos R Us childcare website

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Stopsley Village

Last updated 29/09/2022