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Luton Paranormal Society

The Luton Paranormal Society (LPS) was formed in 2003 for people who were interested in investigating paranormal activity for themselves, instead of watching it on TV. LPS organises many investigations throughout the year and not all of them relate to ghosts. LPS also investigates UFO sightings and holds a number of indoor evenings where talks and experiments take place. LPS is also a social club and as such holds family and guests social events such as a summer BBQ, fireworks evening and a Christmas party. Members come from all walks of life and include a local author who has published a book on the ghosts of Bedfordshire.

Members are encouraged to take an active role within the society and develop their skills on investigations and volunteer for other duties such as helping to find locations that the club can investigate. LPS has also undertaken many investigations and you can visit the Investigations pages on their website for more information.

It is important to point out that LPA do not charge for investigations. Membership is £20 per year and all investigations are free unless there is a fee which has to go to the site (this applies to places like the Ancient Ram Inn etc.) but you are just as likely to find paranormal phenomena at unpaid sites. LPA investigate numerous sites every year ranging from outdoor events to indoor investigations including private residences of non-members.

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Last updated 08/02/2018