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Luton Council of Faiths

LCOF is committed to encourage and promote tolerance, respect and mutual understanding among people of all faiths and cultures. LCOF being an organic organisation runs a series of events at community level such as musical concerts, sports, youth work, conferences and family gatherings, so as to get people coming together, to learn about each other, and to build friendship in mutual respect and tolerance.


a) To bring together members of the different faith communities in Luton for deeper dialogue and cooperation.
b) To increase understanding and trust between different faiths, building on common ground between them yet respecting the unique contribution which each brings.
c) To work towards greater social cohesion and community integration in Luton.
d) to see inter faith copperation as linking into global cooperation between faiths and cultures for the creation of a better world.


LCOF began as part of the Grassroots programme in 1994/5 continuing this as Luton Interfaith Forum which was launched on July 10, 1997. In 2000 the name Luton Council of Faiths was adopted, and independent charity status was achieved in 2001 as a partner with the Grassroots programme.

Luton Council of Faiths has significant trust, confidence and credibility in Luton. Luton Borough Council often consults and works in partnership with LCOF in matters relating to social cohesion.

LCOF has gained the trust and confidence of the different faith communities and this enables it to tackle sensitive issues.

Who to contact

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Ryad Khodabocus


Last updated 08/02/2018