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My Family Our Needs

The site for families, carers and practitioners supporting children and young adults with additional needs.

Welcome to My Family, Our Needs. Launched by the team behind Progress and My Child & Me magazines, we hope that our website becomes the place you go for information about caring for a child with additional needs. But we also recognise your life and your need to be you. We cover the big things, the small things and everything in between, because that’s what makes up life.

Since its launch in 2001 as a printed magazine, Progress has been incredibly well-received, and much loved, by parents, young people and practitioners for offering information about planning a positive transition for young adults with additional needs. Progress focused on the main transition topics – housing, employment and education and more. We would often receive calls from parents and young people telling us their story and what they found particularly helpful in the latest issue.

My Child & Me launched in 2011 as a lifestyle magazine for parents of young children with additional needs. Published bi-monthly, it offered a mix of realistic, down-to-earth and friendly information about parenting when your child has additional needs as well as providing support for you. Each issue covered a range of topics from general parenting to more specialist information.

Unfortunately, My Child & Me didn’t make it through the recession and had to close, much to our devastation. However, it was so well-received by parents, families and practitioners that we couldn’t leave it behind for too long.

With this in mind, readers of Progress and My Child & Me inspired us to brainstorm how to join up both publications, with the missing age group in the middle, to provide even more of what readers wanted, and needed, to know.
We had A LOT of meetings and chats which, with hindsight, should have involved doughnuts. After which, we decided the only way to cover everything for everyone, was to take both magazines online and develop them into something bigger and better.

My Family, Our Needs was born.

We know that the need for information starts from birth and really, never ends. Under the My Child tab you’ll find information relating to supporting your child from birth to 25. It’s practical, it’s honest, it covers what you want to know. And if there’s anything missing, let us know.

Whilst your child is your life, we know that day-to-day living involves a lot of other things too. Your other relationships, your work life, your own health and wellbeing and trying to find that perfect pair of jeans which fit round the waist but aren’t baggy on the bum. That’s why we have a section for You.

My Family, Our Needs allows us to be more connected with you. We have real life stories from bloggers and readers. You can offer to share your stories and opinions on (almost) anything you like. Want to write for us? Have a subject that just never gets written about? Then tweet us @weareMFON or email us, we’re a friendly bunch as you can see if you visit the Meet the Team section.

We hope you love My Family, Our Needs as much as we do.

It’s for you, your family, your needs.

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