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Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS)

The Sands helpline is open to anyone affected by the death of a baby. We offer support to people around the time of their baby’s death and during the months and years that follow. There is no time limit.

When your baby has died it can sometimes be difficult to talk with those around you about what has happened. Our helpline provides a safe place and someone to listen or just be with you..

"My need to speak to someone who had 'been there' was overpowering. I found myself on the phone to a woman whose baby, like mine, had died. 'Tell me about your baby,' she said and I found myself pouring my heart out to a perfect stranger with whom I felt an instant connection."

You can ring our confidential Helpline, or talk to another bereaved parent. You may want information or help in making decisions, especially in the days after your baby's death. Our experienced helpline team can offer support and will give you time and space to talk about what you want to do. The helpline team also has information about other sources of help and can put you in touch with the kind of support that is right for you.

We know it can be difficult to pick up the phone and you are welcome to email or write to us instead. Many family members, friends and health professionals also contact us for information, advice and support. 

Helpline: 0808 164 3332

Who to contact


Where to go

Victoria Charity Centre
11 Belgrave Road

Last updated 21/02/2018