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Luton Turkish Education and Culture Trust

We aim to provide such services as

(a) the provision of educational support to the Turkish community living in Luton,

(b) the organization of social and cultural events in order to contribute to the integration of the aforementioned community with the local people and their culture,

(c) the active contribution to the cause of intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

These services specifically include:

  • Organizing supplementary courses to support kids in such subjects as language and mathematics to ensure and improve their school success.
  • Giving Turkish language courses to the UK-born Turkish kids so as to help them retain their mother language. Furthermore, to extend these courses to British spouses of Turkish people.
  • Organizing ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) courses for Turkish people living in Luton as to assist them to learn the local language.
  • Establishing full-time day and boarding schools that will meet the needs of the international community.
  • Trying to gain Turkish kids an awareness of their own religion within the scope of universal religion education.
  • Helping Turkish people adapt to the circumstances of the life in Luton.
  • Providing consultancy and support (e.g. linguistic, economic, social) both to Turkish and British businessmen in the process of Turkey’s entrance to the European Union.
  • Seeking for ways of finding common points and values of both the Turkish community and the local people.
  • Observing cultural and religious festivals in such a way that they will contribute to cultural and social harmony.
  • Searching for all possibilities to help the Turkish community living in Luton express and share its cultural and religious values.
  • Giving people consciousness about how they can protect themselves and their kids from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Organizing all of our activities in cooperation with and advice by local authorities.
  • Seeking to promote and adopt Councils’ Equal Opportunities Policy.

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Last updated 25/11/2021