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Al Jalal Masjid

In 1998, a small church was purchased by locals who lived in the local Biscot area of Luton. The area of Biscot had a growing population of Muslims with no Masjid within their vicinity. The church was used as a Masjid until 2005 when it was knocked down for a purposely built Masjid to be constructed. Prior to Ramadhan in 2006, the new Al-Jalal Masjid was opened and serves a vast Muslim community that come not only from the Biscot area but also other areas of Luton to worship and attend the Masjid activities.

 Al-Jalal Masjid provides daily prayers, the jummah prayer, evening madrasah for children, regular Islamic talks and courses for men and women.  The demand by worshippers to access the Masjid is now overgrowing the facilities of the Masjid but we aim to provide and meet the needs of our attendees.  

 The Masjid is run by a board of trustees and a voluntary management committee from the local community who aim to facilitate programmes and services for the benefit of the area and the town. We also work with other local groups both Muslim and Non-Muslim for the benefit of Islam and the development of the area and town.

Visits and Tours

Throughout the year we receive numerous requests for visits to the Masjid.

We have previously accommodated several school visits from local schools as well as schools from outside Luton. We deliver child friendly workshops and tours which educate the child about the function of the Masjid as well as other important aspects of Islam. We aim to make the Masjid workshops and tours interactive, educational and fun.

If you are a representative of a school and would like to book a school visit to the Masjid, please contact us by emailing with your request.

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Al Jalal Masjid
314 Biscot Road

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Last updated 25/11/2021