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Level Trust

Level Trust exists to remove the barriers that poverty brings to a child's education in Luton. We work in partnership with schools and families to ensure that every child has what they need to do their very best at school.

Uniform Exchange

Do you want free school uniform whilst helping the environment at the same time?

Level Trust has partnered with Discover Islam to open Luton’s first ever Uniform Exchange! Bring school uniform that your kids have grown out of and swap it for new or second hand uniform from the exchange for free!

Any uniform you bring will either be used for other families or recycled, it will not be sent to landfill.

The uniform exchange is open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and is available at Discover Islam, 37c Upper George Street, Luton, LU1 2RD

Shoe Vouchers

Level Trust provide schools with vouchers which can be used in the Luton and Dunstable Shoe Zone's to purchase school shoes for children in reception to year 11.

Each voucher is worth up to the value of £15. 1 voucher will allow you to purchase 1 pair of school shoes for your child. If you have more than 1 voucher, you can still only use one voucher in exchange for 1 pair of shoes. You cannot, for example, use 2 £15 vouchers to purchase 3 pairs of shoes even if the value is the same.

When in store, use the voucher instead of cash in order to purchase the school shoes of your choice. £15 is the highest cost for a pair of school shoes so no cash should need to be used alongside the voucher. Shoe zone have a list of shoes which can be worn as school shoes. If you are in doubt, do ask the staff for assistance.

Schools can give vouchers to families they believe to be most in need of financial assistance. Families do not need to be in receipt of Welfare Support or Free School Meals to receive vouchers. There does however need to be significant evidence that the family is struggling financially. The school can give one voucher per child for each academic year, families can be given up vouchers up to the number of children they have in reception to year 11 in the family.

Winter Coat Vouchers

Level trust also provides schools with vouchers which can be used by families living in Luton to purchase winter coats for their children. More information will be made available later in the year.

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Uniform Exchange
Unit 2G
Gallery level
Luton Mall

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Last updated 25/01/2022