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Children under five with special educational needs

Luton’s vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all children - that they achieve well in early years and at school to enable them to lead happy and fulfilled lives within a safe environment and where they have choice and control.

This includes children with:

  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • behaviour that challenge
  • profound and complex health needs
  • physical disability
  • cognitive needs
  • sensory impairments

In Luton, setting staff (with your agreement) receive advice from specialist services to support your children needs when in a nursery setting.

My child isn’t in a nursery. Where can I get help?

Any professional who works with you can complete a notification form with your permission which will be sent to Luton Special Educational Needs Service (SENS). This includes:

  • health visitor
  • Discharge team at L&D hospital
  • physiotherapist

We'll explore how we can help and will advise you on the best cause of action. This may be:

  • support to find a placement in a nursery (if and when you want one) who have the experience and knowledge to support your child’s special needs
  • support from a specialist early years professional who may visit you at home
  • a place offered at a special needs opportunity play group which you attend with your child - activities are carefully matched to your child’s needs and you'll have access to talk to experienced professionals and meet other parents and children

If you would like to know more please contact the Special Educational Needs Service (SENS) - details below.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Gold Coker
Contact Position
Administrator for the Special educational Needs Service (SENS)

Other Details


Referral required

Last updated 06/01/2023