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Gill Blowers Nursery School (Leabank)

Age range: 2 to 4 years old.

Number of current vacant places:

2 to 4 years old: 12 spaces
Children on waiting list: 9
Date of update: 10 November 2017

This setting is a maintained nursery school.

Gill Blowers Nursery is a split site school, having one centre situated at Mossdale Court (2 to 5 years old), and another at Leabank (2 to 5 years old). Both nurseries are unique because they are underneath the tower blocks of flats.

The nursery provides high quality early years care and education for pupils from 2 to 5 years of age. Although having been established for some years, they became a nursery school in 1999.

Gill Blowers Nursery is named in memory of the woman who vigorously campaigned to open the two sites. Retaining the name is seen as a fitting tribute, and a celebration of the work she undertook.

Head: Joanne Iddenden
Deputy Head: Launa Corin
Family workers: Marie Hayden, Lisa Page

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Leabank Nursery, 1

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Last updated 10/08/2023