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Beds & Herts Home Beermakers

They are a group of enthusiastic and sociable home beer makers.  Their aim is to share their beers, knowledge and experiences and they welcome new home brewers, whether experienced or novice.  It you are starting out on brewing your own beer, they can advise you on equipment and help you with your first brew(s).

They meet monthly at a venue in Luton.  Their format is to have a nominated style of beer for each month, sometimes with a standard recipe.  The dates are flexible and agreed on a month to month basis to fit in with holidays and other commitments so they can maximise attendance.  Most of the group compete regularly at shows, both local club and Federation shows and at major events.

If you are interested in joining them, you are very welcome to go along to one of their meetings. You don’t need to bring a bottle, just some glasses! As space is a bit limited at their current venue and they meet at one of the member’s homes, please email to find out when and where they meet. Meetings are normally held on a midweek evening starting at 8.00 p.m.

Who to contact

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Peter Robinson

Last updated 16/06/2017