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Safeguarding Adults Team

Abuse takes place when someone threatens, hurts or harms an adult who cannot protect themselves. Abuse can be carried out by one or by more people, either once or over and over again.
Abuse can happen anywhere – for example, at home, in the street, in a hospital or in a care home.

Our Safeguarding Adults Team aims to work with the person who has been abused to safeguard them from the harm they are facing.  For example, if the police are investigating a possible financial crime the safeguarding team will work with the person to help them protect their money. The Safeguarding Adults Team endeavours to put the person who has been abused in control. Where the person does not have capacity to make a decision about what steps they wish to take, the team will work with the most appropriate people, such as their family and friends, to ensure the best interests of the person are met. 

If you think abuse is taking place - either against you or someone you know - please call the Safeguarding Adults Team straight away.


Download: Deprivation of liberty safeguards

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Safeguarding Adults Team


Last updated 16/04/2019