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Who does the service support?

A Luton based charity working with young people aged 11 and above - we provide a wide range of programmes and events focused on young people's social and emotional well-being.

What can you expect from the Service?

Youthscape exists to give young people the best social, emotional and spiritual landscape on which to build their lives and achieve their potential. We do this through direct work with teenagers, and through training and resourcing others to do the same. Within Youthscape there are seven specific projects, each with its own staff team. But together we tackle some of the biggest issues facing young people today.

  • Supporting inner emotional health
  • Developing relational and social skills
  • Growing aspirations, faith and values

How do you get involvement from the service/who can refer/request involvement?

Parents can sign their children up. Parents, teachers or professionals and young people can make a referral to their services or programmes.

Some projects can be accessed by all young individuals who fall under the age bracket because they are not providing targeted support focused on a need. For these types of projects, the young person can just turn up and join Youthscape.

Bute Mills Drop-in

Bute Mills Drop-in is a safe ‘home away from home’ for young people to attend after school. The space has PS5s, iMacs, a pool table and games, and each day it runs we serve a free two-course dinner which everyone sits and eats together. Drop-in is for young people in Years 9-13 and runs each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time from 3.30pm-6.00pm.

All of these programmes are FREE, and if you would like to refer any of the young people you are working with please do complete our referral form at:

What happens after the service has been involved?

After a referral form is made, a member of staff will be in touch within a week and they will discuss the young person’s needs and whether the chosen project would be the best fit for those needs. They will also discuss further information in relation to the time frame of when the young person will be able to access the project.

If it is agreed that the project is the most appropriate for the young child, then the staff member will arrange for them to meet and to also get a consent form which is signed by the parent/carer.

What can parents/families do if they are not eligible for the service/schools don't feel that they can refer to this service?

If it turns out that both parties do not agree that the project would be appropriate for the young person, the Youthscape staff member will provide suggestions and provide information on other projects they provide which may be suitable and/or signpost to other local services that may be able to provide the required support.

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Bute Mills
74, Bute Street

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