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Suzanne Gaywood

Age range: 0 years to 16 years old.

Number of current vacant places:

Under one year: one space or
One to two years: one space or
Three to five years: one space (up to four years old)
Six to eight years: no space
Over eight years: no space
Do you have a waiting list: No
Date of update: 13 June 2018

I have been a childminder, registered since 1994, living with my husband in Luton, Bedfordshire, close to shops, parks, schools and public transport links. Our home is safe and has a homely environment where children are secure, with daily risk assessments and ongoing safety checks undertaken. I have also in place the required policies to meet the welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Children in my care have access to a fully-enclosed garden for outside play, and a large play area, adjacent to the house, allows football, bike riding etc. All children have access to an excellent selection of well-maintained and developmentally indoor and outdoor toys and equipment for all ages. Space and equipment are prepared so that children can access resources easily and independently. I try to ensure that all the areas of learning are incorporated into children’s play as they enjoy opportunities to, for example, be creative with paints and play dough, use their problem solving skills by building with blocks and enhance their social skills by visiting toddler and childminding groups in the areas. In inclement weather there are also many appropriate films available to watch snuggled up on the sofa.

Partnerships with parents, carers and other agencies are built through the sharing of relevant information to meet children’s individual needs. Children benefit from flexible routines which make them feel secure and relaxed. Children can play, eat, sleep and rest as they need to this ensures the children are content and feel relaxed. They also have consistency in their care and follow routines, which meet their needs, which makes them feel safe and secure. Processes for managing behaviour are in place with consistent boundaries to help the children learn the expectations involved. Policies and procedures, for example, equality of opportunity ensure a fully inclusive environment and that discriminatory comments would be challenged. I try to make all children in my care really enjoy their time spent with my family and myself.

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Suzanne Gaywood

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Last updated 26/06/2020