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Speech and Language Therapy

We clinically assess, diagnose and manage a range of speech, language, communication, eating and drinking difficulties in children aged 0 to 19.

Our service contributes to better outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families by optimizing their speech language and communication potential and helping them to achieve their potential educationally and socially.

The Speech and Language Service works across the whole county providing help in both community and hospital settings. We treat children up to the age of 16 years (up to 19 years in special education), who have a difficulty with communication or swallowing.

The Service is provided in a number of ways, depending on clinical need. This may be advice only, individual or group treatment, parent/carer workshops and drop-in information clinics.

The service also undertakes a role in providing training and specialist support to parents/carers and staff working with children and young people in schools, residential units and other settings. This enables parents/carers and professionals involved with the child, to provide an appropriate level of support and input.

Where is the service based?
Treatment is usually provided wherever is most appropriate for the patient.
The S< Service works in Luton in the following locations:-

  • Health Centres and Clinics
  • GP Practices
  • Edwin Lobo Centre (Redgrave Gardens)
  • Mainstream Schools and Nurseries
  • Special Schools
  • Patients homes (where appropriate)

The service provides treatment via a range of methods. We provide training in children’s communication development for local authority preschool and educational settings. We train parents and carers in developing children’s speech and language development.

On-going support is provided via training and advice for settings and schools and parents involved with the children on our caseload.

How can I access the service?
All children accessing the service must have a GP in Luton or Bedfordshire.

Children in pre-school or younger can attend one of our assessment clinics in order for their communication needs to be screened. Details of our assessment clinics, and the checklist required to be completed prior to attendance, are available on our website -

Children who are school aged require a referral form to be completed by their school SENCo in discussion with the school’s link therapist. This form must then be sent to the Single Point of Access administrator at the address below. Referral forms are available on our website -

Children who require a multi-disciplinary assessment, i.e. where their speech and language difficulties are accompanied by other concerns, should be referred directly to the Edwin Lobo Centre. A referral form can be accessed by telephoning 01582700300.

How long will I be waiting?
The service will meet the national 18 week referral to treatment requirement.

What if I need more information?
Further information is available on our website:

Our service also has a Facebook page at or you can search ‘Children’s Speech and Language Therapy in Luton and Bedfordshire’. We aim to provide information and ideas for supporting speech, language and communication needs, as well as new research articles and training dates, where appropriate.


Download: Information about SLT provision
Download: referral criteria
Download: Assessment Clinic checklist form

Who to contact

Contact Position
SLT Administrator

Where to go

Florence Ball House
Bedford Health Village
3 Kimbolton Road
MK40 2NT

Last updated 24/05/2019