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Women in Mind

We provide support and the tools to enable mental wellbeing, personal growth, and personal development for women in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Women in Mind was set up because many women in our community are isolated, who would benefit from someone to listen and talk to; get practical help if they have a problem; help to recover if they feel stuck - so they can live a fulfilling life.

Women wanted and needed more than the current NHS and Social Services and voluntary groups offered. The services women felt were needed had to be:

  • stimulating
  • holistic
  • peer supported
  • services that offered practical support
  • ongoing services, not time limited
  • empowering
  • services that could restore hope in life

We decided that if we couldn't find the help and services we and many other women needed, then we would start a charity and social enterprise (not for profit) to fill the gap.

For more information on our work please please see our website.

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Last updated 20/06/2017