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Workpays - 4 Steps to Progress

Workpays is a well respected training provider that works with businesses and individuals to deliver bespoke training programmes, which lead to recognisd accredited qualifications and a workforce with enhanced skills.

We really believe in our motto, that 'small changes make a real difference' and this is non more evident than our outstanding record in working with NEETS (young people that are Not In Education, Employment or Training). This is a real passion for us and nothing makes us more proud than seeing disadvantaged individuals successfully taking the next steps on their career journey, progressing to employment or in to full-time study.

Delivering these programmes are some of the brighest, passionate and experienced people in the industry. To ensure we consistently deliver high quality provision, we continuously invest in our people ensuring we nurture and support the talent that makes this possible.

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Last updated 30/01/2023