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Telelink- Home and Personal Alarms

Many people know about pendants which can be pressed should you fall, or if you feel unsafe and vulnerable. But there are other devices which are designed to check you are safe, and raise an alarm if you are not.

A range of non-intrusive sensors is linked to the 24-hour Wellbeing Lifeline Service, where trained operators take the most appropriate action; whether it is contacting a family member, neighbour, doctor or the emergency services.

The range of sensors includes:

  • Personal trigger
    Worn as a pendant around your neck, a call for help can be raised from anywhere in your home or garden.
  • Bogus caller button
    Fitted near a door, this can be used to call for assistance when a stranger requests entry into your home.
  • Smoke detector
    The radio smoke detector provides additional protection by raising an instant alarm call to the 24-hour Wellbeing Lifeline Service, as well as warning you.
  • Fall detector
    Automatically detects a serious fall and raises an alert at the 24-hour Wellbeing Lifeline Service
  • Flood detector
    This neat, unobtrusive radio sensor provides an early warning by alerting the Wellbeing Lifeline Service of potential flood situations in the home such as running taps.
  • PIR (movement detector)
    Detects movement, or lack of movement in the home and raises an alert to the 24-hour Wellbeing Lifeline Service. This is often used to raise an alert if someone who is chair-bound falls out of their chair, or alternatively if someone  who is usually mobile has not moved.
  • Bed/ chair occupancy sensor
    Raises an alert if you do not return to bed after a predetermined amount of time. It will also switch on your bedside light when you get out of bed.  

If you only want the personal trigger alarm you can call Telelink direct on 01582 547659, or their 24-hour out-of-hours number 01323 644422.

If you feel you need additional, or different sensors you will need to contact our adult social care department instead on the number below.

If you are eligible for social care we will need to give you an assessment of care needs where we will work with you to identify the type of care that best suits your individual situation.

Who to contact

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Luton Borough Council
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Customer Services Centre
Home and Personal Alarms - Telelink

Last updated 26/09/2023