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Brittle Bone Society

Advice and support service to children, adults, families, carers and schools. Specialist equipment may be provided when necessary.

The Brittle Bone Society is the only UK charity supporting people who have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI)

A person with OI (also known as brittle bones) has a genetic bone condition characterised by fragile bones that break easily. As well as frequently fractured bones, people with OI have muscle weakness, hearing loss, fatigue, joint laxity, curved bones, scoliosis, blue sclerae, dentinogenesis imperfecta, short stature and often constant pain. OI can also in some cases lead to restrictive pulmonary conditions. OI is caused by a genetic mutation that affects the body's production of collagen.

We work closely with the main NHS centres of excellence in the UK - Sheffield, Birmingham, Great Ormond Street, Bristol and Glasgow. We fundraise for specialised wheelchairs and offer a free confidental support service and signposting help on all day to day issues such as genetics, education, work and travel.

Isolation affects many of our members and we arrange regular events to encourage peer support and networking. We are keen to grow our involvement in vital research work, to help improve treatment and care of those living with bones that break. With the help of our specialist Medical Advisory Board we aim to provide the latest updates on treatment and care for members with OI.

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Brittle Bone Society

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Grant-Paterson House
30 Guthrie Street

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Last updated 23/08/2023