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Bedfordshire Police

Our ultimate purpose at Bedfordshire Police is to protect people and fight crime together. Our staff, our officers and our army of volunteers and Specials work extremely hard day in and day out to keep the whole of the county safe.

Our priorities include complex crime areas including terrorism, cyber-crime, the abuse of children, gang crime and other offences that impact most on people’s lives. Working together with partner agencies and the public we are committed to making Luton a safer place to live and work.

You should call 101 to speak to us to report crime, receive advice or report other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example:

  • To give us information about crime in your area
  • To report suspicious or antisocial activity
  • To speak to your Local Policing Team

In an emergency, always call 999 when you need an immediate response, for example:

  • Because a crime is in progress
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • When there is danger to life
  • When violence is being used or threatened

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Who to contact



Where to go

Luton Police Station
Buxton Road

Last updated 08/07/2016