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Polish British Integration Centre

Our migrant integration project offers help with integration into British society to migrants from Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our vision is a society in which migrants can appreciate the values and challenges of life in the United Kingdom and in return feel empowered to give their input to create a culture of understanding and success. Our mission is to support migrant community, encourage active citizenship, education and wellbeing resulting in a positive relationship between the migrant community and the wider British society.

We advise how to use mainstream services provided by local authorities and institutions, provide free English courses and carious professional and vocational courses. We offer translation and qualification transfer service. We also organise integrational events for adults and children with the aim of broadening knowledge about the UK and the local environment.

We can give advice on; benefits, taxes, retirement, education and writing off debts.

We have courses on; the English language, computer skills, childcare training, attaining career development tools in UK

We can help support you with; housing problems, health, career advice, and crisis situations.

Appointment advice sessions available:

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The Place
Bradgate Road
MK40 3DE

Last updated 15/02/2018