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NOAH Enterprise

Coronavirus support

Who we can help: service users and limited support to the general public
Contact: NOAH welfare services, 01582 728416
Support offered: support for the homeless and families in need including:

  • food services for homeless
  • accommodation and support
  • food parcels for known families in need

About us

NOAH Enterprise is a Christian inspired charity working across Bedfordshire offering support and opportunity to people suffering severe and multiple disadvantage including homelessness, rough sleeping, addiction, mental ill-health, and living chaotic lifestyles. 

We run a Welfare Centre, an outreach programme and a furniture-based social enterprise that combine to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation for those who are among the most vulnerable in our community. 

Our Welfare Centre is open every day of the year and serves hot meals, has showering facilities, a laundry, housing advice, and resettlement services and importantly provides an environment that encourages companionship.

Our Service Users have access to a range of healthcare including GP’s, Nurses and a mobile Dentistry. As well as direct welfare we also arrange weekly recreational activities including drama, music, and art workshops. We also have an outreach team working to persuade people living on the streets to engage with our services.

In helping people to recover their lives we encourage them to enrol in our Academy where they can engage in digital learning, learn English as a second language and be prepared for employment. This is combined with volunteering in our Social Enterprise where we sell high quality new and restored pre-used furniture and refurbished domestic appliances, as well as affordable upcycled clothing, shoes, children's toys, bric-a-brac and other small household items.

These activities provide vital stepping stones on the pathway out of poverty and chaos into a settled, sustainable life of quality, often into employment. Especially, they offer an opportunity for vulnerable people on the margins of society to find a rekindling of self-esteem, respect, confidence and a means whereby they can form a framework that helps them to live their lives constructively and with satisfaction.

In all we support 1,200+ people in any given year.

Who to contact



Where to go

141 Park Street

Last updated 22/04/2020