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Harmony Mediation

Family mediation sorts out the practical arrangements necessary in divorce or separation. It is about the clients sitting together with a mediator for between two and four one-and-a-half hour sessions to look at options and make decisions about the future. It is a voluntary process. It is also quicker, cheaper and less acrimonious than other routes.

In mediation you make the decisions and we manage the process.

Family Mediation is about working out the practical arrangements necessary to help everyone move on.

Family Mediation is about sitting down together (for two or three sessions) with a trained, experienced and professional Family Mediator to find workable solutions.

Family Mediation is also a way to help parents who may have separated a long time ago to talk about child contact or other parenting matters.

Family Mediation is cheaper and quicker than going through solicitors to court (source: Ministry of Justice, 2013)

Family Mediation is a process that recognises the need to negotiate rather than argue.

Want to find out more? Like to talk to a mediator about your individual issues, and talk about the options open to you? Ring us to make an appointment (Payment required at time of booking.)

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