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The Walk to Freedom Limited

The Walk to Freedom Limited is a not-for-profit community organisation that offers the opportunity for clients to take part in any one of its services. These are offered either in a community capacity, personal or professional level to gain understanding and awareness surrounding the using of drugs and alcohol, and the life controlling issues that can lead a user to lose the capacity to choose in their lives, and decide whether or not to use drugs and alcohol, and also to help a dependent user find his or her freedom and independence from using, not only that but to support families or community organisations with service users that access their services with a life changing awareness course. The Walk to Freedom has now been successfully running since December 2011.

The Walk to Freedom is currently based in the central Luton area and our client beneficiaries are male and female, aged 18-50 who are dependent on drugs or alcohol or have completed a detoxification programme and need further support in the community. Our beneficiaries are also those who have mental health issues relating to drug and alcohol dependency. Other beneficiaries also comprise of repeat and prolific offenders, ex- offenders who have been released after incarceration, self referrals or referrals from outside agencies.

Our youth workshop “From the Horse’s Mouth” ranges from ages 9-16 years and sometimes older of young people who are on the border of exclusion from school due to behavioural problems, young offenders or those who are potentially vulnerable to being drawn in to a type of behaviour pattern that could limit or damage their potential in the future and Young people who are excessively using drugs or alcohol which could possibly contribute to their misdirected behaviour

Communities Together
For too long some service users and people in the community socially isolate themselves from the community for various reasons.
To address this concern the Walk to Freedom with the sponsorship of the Peoples Health Trust proudly announce their Communities Together Project.

This project will consist of free themed coffee mornings from March 14th 2016 and in April we will be launching exercise classes to get the socially isolated motivated and healthy!

UPskills Community Learning
For the last 2 years the Walk to Freedom  with the support of the Luton Adult Learning Partnership have delivered its innovative and unique Drug and Alcohol Awareness Courses  to the community champions of Luton and to the community at large.

Now building on the success of this partnership working The Walk to Freedom in partnership  with the Institute of Development & Training - IODT and the Luton Adult Learning Partnership are again proud to announce our UPskills Community Learning Courses in Mentoring, An Introduction to Counselling and Drug and  Alcohol Awareness starting  April 12th 2016 with an induction day to introduce you to your tutors for these free courses and  to give you more information.

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Suite 2 3rd Floor, GT House
24-26 Rothesay Road

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