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Adopting with Luton Council

We believe every child deserves to grow up within a loving family. That's why we need to find nurturing permanent homes for children, including sibling groups, of all ages, from different backgrounds, ethnicities and religions.

We are looking for people with:

  • a loving home
  • stability
  • time to give to a child
  • a supportive environment
  • flexibility.

We work with prospective adoptive parents, children and other professionals to find permanent families for children who can no longer live with their birth families.

We have a specialist adoption team within the Children & Learning Department who offer a variety of services regarding adoption. We also have an Adoption Services Support Advisor based within the team who can be contacted on 01582 547804.

  • assessment of people wishing to adopt
  • services to children who have been identified for adoption
  • work to gain an understanding of the child's long term placement needs
  • contact arrangements
  • undertake family finding and work with other agencies and prospective adopters, in the attempt to find the most appropriate placement to meet the child's individual needs

In addition the following services are contracted to After Adoption, freephone number 0800-0-568-578.

  • work with birth parents offering advice, support and counselling on the adoption process.
  • service to people who have been adopted who wish to seek information about their birth parents.
  • post adoption support and contact arrangements.

Adoption from Overseas
We have a service level agreement with Parents and Children Together (P.A.C.T.) who undertake this work on our behalf.

Who to contact

Adopting with Luton Borough Council

Where to go

Town Hall
George Street

Other Details

Last updated 25/11/2021