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Sea Cadets

Got time on your hands? Want to be part of something amazing? Join the Sea Cadets!

Where else can you go hiking, sailing, paddling, drive power boats, go shooting and visit Royal Navy ships all under one roof?

If you are interested in joining or just want to know more, contact us or come in for a chat on a parade night. You'll get to meet the staff and cadets, have a look around, and see where you fit in. The only question is, which section you wish to join:

Junior Cadets 10-12

This is about having fun and making friends. You'll take part in lots of events and activities like sailing, canoeing and abseiling, plus learn about first aid and communications.

As a Junior you will start as a Junior Cadet, and rise to Junior Cadet First Class after six weeks. As you work your way through the modules, you can work towards your Leading Junior and maybe even the pinnacle of the junior sea cadets, the Commodore's Pennant

Sea Cadets 12-18

Get to grips with subjects both on water and land as part of basic training, all on a nautical theme. You can take part in courses and competitions ranging from rock climbing and shooting to music, power boating and sailing. These can give you a head start in life and boost your confidence, plus it's good fun.

As a Sea Cadet you will start as a 'New Entry', where you will learn the basic of Sea Cadet life. In just a few weeks you will be enrolled as a Sea Cadet and be presented your cap on parade by the Commanding Officer, and then you are free to take part in as many specialisations, proficiencies and boating as you can manage. You can expect to quickly rise through the ranks to Ordianry Cadet, Able Cadet, Leading Cadet and maybe up to the pinnacle of the Sea Cadets, the Petty Officer Cadet. 

Royal Marines Cadets 13-18

Do you thrive on a challenge? Pride yourself on your team work and strive to improve yourself? Then the Royal Marines Cadets could be for you! Field Craft, Weapons Training, Map Reading and Drill are all included in the training and we offer exciting opportunities to take part in challenging training in the UK and abroad. Royal Marines Cadets Detachments are an integral part of the Sea cadets with 114 Detachments in the UK.

As a Royal Marines Cadet you will begin as a Recruit, where you will learn the basics of the Royal Marines Cadets: the rank structure, the organisation of the corps, basic ceremonial, the history of the Royal Marines and care of your uniform. In just a few weeks you will be enrolled as  Royal Marines Cadet, after which you can deploy to the field to learn weaopns training, fieldcraft, map-reading and tactics. If you are really good, you can rise up through the ranks to Lance Corporal, Corporal or even Cadet Sergeant.

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Luton Sea Cadets & R M C
Lower Harpenden Road
East Hyde

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