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Aanchal Women's Aid

We're a women's organisation that assists women affected by physical as well as mental, financial, sexual and emotional domestic abuse. Our guiding principle is that we will never turn our back on a woman in need of our help. And we won't give in to bureaucracy at the expense of real lives. While some statutory agencies turn women away because they don't have the right legal status or their situation doesn't quite fit into the agency's remit, we'll do what we can to help. Regardless.

We address needs that are immediate: we help women leave abusive situations and refer them to appropriate shelters. We help them access financial support. We also address their emotional needs by helping them through the initial trauma. We provide counselling and support groups to get them on their feet. And we address long term needs: we are setting up sustainable educational programmes that enable these women to go from victims to fully independent citizens.



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Are you affected by domestic abuse? Are you scared of leaving your partner because you don't know where to go? Perhaps it's not you but your mum, a friend, a colleague or a relative. And they can't speak English. Let us help you by getting in touch.

Dial: 0800 0124 924

If you (or a family member or a friend) are affected by domestic abuse and need help, call us on the above number. Our helpline is open, 7 days a week. Our service is completely confidential and we provide help in the following languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Sylheti and Gujarati.


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Last updated 20/04/2022