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Actively Strengthening Resources

We as professional Youth Workers understand the importance of having a role model, youth worker and a mentor, so now we will be transferring the skills of Youth Work into young people, so now they will be able to intervene within their peers.

The progression does not end there, it continues as long as the Young person wants it to. After the course has been complete, this young person is then able to volunteer at the Learning Centre in the Drop in Sessions and if this young person has a specific interest, then they are able to volunteer at any one of our organisations to complete their voluntary work.

We also have a football club founded 6 years ago, ASR Elites F.C. was established with the sole aim of engaging young people with constant behaviour and anger issues. It was football that actually lead young people away from lives embroiled with anger and disruption and enabled them to release their emotions on the pitch, through the essence of football, rather than off it

We welcome everyone to be apart of our team whether you are young people, volunteers, local businesses or organisations looking to support us in any way possible. ASR FC currently have 2 teams entered into the Sunday League Tournament. ASR FC Training Sessions are every Thursday, 5pm to 6pm, which is open to the public to attend. ASR FC also have a further Football Drop in session at Leamanor School on the Astro Turf Pitch.

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157 Biscot Road

Last updated 07/11/2017