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All Saint’s Church with St Peter

All Saints is situated in an area with a very rich ethnic, cultural and religious mix. What was once a traditional white urban area of late 19th century homes changed during the 1950's and 60's as it became home to many Caribbean people. They now make up a large part of our congregation with the islands of St Vincent, Barbados and Jamaica being 'home' to many, though Luton is now 'home' to their children.

Later new residents, mainly from Pakistan and Kashmir, again changed the nature of the area, and Bury Park is now a shopping centre with a very definite Asian flavour. We have welcomed into the church family newcomers from Pakistan, from Nigeria, from Georgia, from Ghana and from Zimbabwe.

The church is of a traditional design, built in 1923, though we celebrated the centenary of the first building (now the Church Hall) on 12th December 2007. The style of the worship is moderately traditional catholic. We use vestments and mostly sing traditional hymns, but are certainly not 'stick in the mud!' and like to try innovations too!

Our style tends to be rather 'laid-back' but this doesn't mean that our worship or theology is slack and thoughtless, just rather informal but sincere and at the centre of our lives.

We always welcome new comers.

Tea and bingo
Come along to All Saints every last Wednesday of the month for afternoon tea and bingo. Only £3 - starts at 2pm. All welcome.

Mothers Union
Come along to All Saints vestry every first Wednesday of the month
Starts at 2.30pm. New members always welcome.

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All Saint’s
Shaftesbury Road

Last updated 31/07/2019