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Selective Mutism Information & Research Association (SMIRA)

Selective Mutism (SM), sometimes called Situational Mutism, is an anxiety-based mental health disorder which usually commences in early childhood. Those with SM speak fluently in some situations but remain consistently silent in others. They may have a blank expression, or appear ‘frozen’ when expected to speak.

With early intervention the prognosis for recovery is good, but in some cases it may persist and last right through a child’s school life and sometimes even into adulthood. It is important to understand that those with SM want to speak, but find themselves physically unable to do so due to their anxiety.

SMIRA’s team consists mainly of volunteers who all have knowledge of selective mutism, whether as parents, professionals or from their own personal experience.

We have a very active Facebook Group where members can ask questions about SM and share experiences. (It’s a closed group so there may be a short wait to be approved by an admin.)

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Last updated 25/08/2022