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Who does the service support?

YAWN Life offers Day opportunities to people with learning disabilities. The activities we provide are all aimed at using and improving the skills needed to live a happy and fulfilling life. The minimum age is 18.

What can we expect from this service?

Key features of YAWN life include:

  • Skills building throught real life activities
  • Supported volunteering in the community
  • Healthy active lifestyles
  • Promotion of confidence, responsibility and appropriate behaviour
  • Small sociable groups
  • Client centred
  • Self funded or paid for with support from social care where qualifying
  • Full or half days available
  • In house transport if required
  • Additional days available in college holidays/ shut downs.

Support and information for carers and parents.
Being a carer of someone with a learning disability can be challenging particularly in the ever changing world of services and benefits. We can help with guidance and support.

Our Carer Support and Information Service is specifically for unpaid carers of people with learning disabilities, this includes people who receive carers allowance.

Whatever you need help with, we will listen and provide the support and information you need to enable you to move forward. Strategies for coping, information on services available, ideas for holidays and respite, your rights as a carer, benefits and other financial support, planning for the future, accepting change and much more.

How do you get involvement from the service/who can refer/request involvement?

All clients access this service through their direct payment and clients pay for a day care service through funding from Luton Borough Council.

It therefore means that you would therefore need to be assessed by social workers to see if you qualify for care, as it would have to be social care approved. Once you qualify, you can choose to come to us.

What happens after the service has been involved?

If you require assistance with any skills, the service may undertake programmes with you to assist you.

We also come up with a timetable approved by parents and social workers which would thereafter need to be implemented.  This timetable is reviewed annually with a social worker.

What can parents do if they are not eligible for the service or don't feel they can refer to this service?

Depending on spaces, you can self fund for this service.


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Where to go

YAWN Life cic
1 - 13 Chobham Street

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Last updated 24/11/2021