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Monoara Begum Chowdhury

Age Range: 0 years to 12 years

Number of current vacant places:

Under 1 year: one space
1 - 5 years: three spaces
6 - 8 years: two spaces
Over 8 years: two spaces
Do you have a waiting list: No
Number of children on waiting list: 0
Date of update: 7 February 2017

Parents and guardians can rest assured that their children will be taken care of in a relaxed and safe environment.

With plenty of activities to do and plenty of space to relax and rest after a long tired day. Very spacious perimeter set for children. Play room with PC facilities. A quiet room for children to relax or rest with TV. Separate toilet faculties just for the children. A spacious kitchen and dining area. A big and clean garden with various apparatus for children to play with and to entertain themselves with.

Parents and children will not be disappointed. Please do not hesitate to contact for more details.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Chowdhury, Monoara Begum

Where to go


Last updated 21/06/2017