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Parentline CCS

Who does the service support?

Parentline is a confidential text messaging advice and support line for Bedfordshire parents and carers of children aged between 0-19 years old.

What can you expect from the Service?

The service offers advice and support on a range of issues such as weaning,sleep and emotional health or how to make an appointment with them.

How do you get involvement from the service/who can refer/request involvement?

Text  07507331456 with your question.

What happens after the service has been involved?

A member of the team will respond back to your question from 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding bank holidays).

What can parents, families do if they are not eligible for the service/schools don't feel they can refer to this service?

Parentline is a great mechanism to find out how to access other local services.



Who to contact

Parentline CCS

Other Details

Last updated 14/12/2021