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The Communication Trust

Although Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) is the most common special need (DfE statistics 2014), it is a broad term and we know that families can struggle to find the right information and support. The Trust is a coalition of over 50 organisations who support children and young people's speech, language and communication. This includes a wide range of speech, language and communication needs such as speech or language impairment, stammering, cleft palate or mutism for example, as well as SLCN associated with other conditions such as autism, being deaf or learning difficulties.

Our 'Local Offer' webpage provides information from our members, who provide services including training, speech and language therapy, assessment, advice and support and a wide range of resources including information, interventions or assistive equipment.

Although the Trust's membership includes some large charities who you may already know, many are small organisations who offer services to children with low incidence needs. We believe that it is important that families who have children with such needs are able to find the specialist support services that are already available, in many cases without charge.

Please visit the Communication Trust's Local Offer webpage which:

• Lists all The Communication Trust's members
• Has a direct clickable link to each organisation's website
• Has a short summary of services that can be accessed by all families
• Includes telephone helpline phone numbers that are available to all families
• Includes clickable links to all email helplines that are available to all families

It is just one page and is designed to enable you to click through to the service that best suits you as quickly as possible - just one click.

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Last updated 16/11/2020