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Education Welfare Service

The service promotes and enforces regular school attendance and works with schools to raise overall attendance levels.

Education welfare officers work with pupils and the families of pupils who are having problems attending school regularly, and will devise strategies in conjunction with families and schools to bring about improvements in the attendance of individual pupils.

The service works with partner agencies and services to try to bring about changes in young people’s circumstances that might be contributing to irregular school attendance.

As part of the Prevention and Early Intervention Service, education welfare officers work closely with colleagues to support families who have difficulties, and will act as lead professional in appropriate cases.

Education welfare officers are based in schools and will meet with parents, children and young people there as requested.

They predominantly work with children and young people of compulsory school age, but will work with younger age groups in some circumstances.

The team are also the point of contact in Luton Council for child performance licences.

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Last updated 01/06/2021