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Luton Interpreting & Translation Service (LITS) Ltd

Providing Qualified Interpreters & Proffesional Translations

LITS works in partnership with Luton Borough Council and provides language/communication services to various public, private and voluntary organisations in Luton and the surrounding areas.

Services we offer:

- Face - to - face interpreters

- British Sign Language Interpreters

- Telephone Interpreting

- Translations

- Typesetting (multilingual) - For translated posters, magazines, brochures etc.

- Transcriptions (multilingual) - Audio Files translated and transcribed into any format

Services available to:

- Public Sector (local authorities, schools, NHS etc.)

- Private Sector (all types of businesses)

- Legal Firms (LAA rates available)

- Voluntary Organisations

- Members of the public (all services) including certified translations in all languages for all types of personal & official documents including but not limited to birth, marriage, death, divorce and academic certificates etc.

Work Opportunities for Freelance Interpreters:

- Flexible work opportunities for qualified and experienced freelance interpreters for all dialects and languages.

- Opportunities exist to work with proffesionals from many fields including Social Services, Fraud & Investigations, Housing, Licensing, Trading Standards, Educational Establishments, Legal (Courts and Solicitors), Hospitals, Health Clinics, Immigration and Asylum and many others.

Do you need documents translated?

Translations provided for all types of official or personal documents including:

- Birth, marriage, divorce, death & academic certificates etc.

- ID cards, medical & legal documents etc.

We can translate your document(s) into all languages and certify them for official use in the UK.

For a quick quotation please email your document(s) you can bring the document(s) to our office by appointment. Short translations can be returned within 48 hours.


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Where to go

Luton Interpreting & Translation Service (LITS) Ltd
15, New Bedford Road

(within Community House Building)

Last updated 06/02/2017