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Bury Park Educational Institute (Al - Hikmah Secondary School)

Our students will be ambassadors of Islam to people of other faiths and non-faith and promote tolerance and respect towards all members of society irrespective of their background.

Our Objectives

  • To teach the national curriculum to the highest standards, competing with the top
    performing schools in the country
  • To teach Islamic History, its culture and religious practices through the Holy Quran, Tafseer
    and Hadith
  • To produce students that are strong and confident about their identity and their belief system by developing the school curriculum in a way that gives the students an excellent standard of education that reinforces their identity.
  • To develop the personality of our students so they are conscious of their responsibilities to
    Allah (SWT) and to fellow humans
  • To produce faith-leaders of tomorrow’s Britain. Our students’ education will begin with the
    intrinsic aspect of the Islamic faith as opposed to extrinsic rituals and practice.

Our Values

We will achieve our vision and objectives by:

  • Promoting an Islamic ethos throughout the daily school life
  • Developing a love for Our Creator – Allah (SWT)
  • Working with communities of different faiths and non-faith and ensuring they are a part of
    the Al-Hikmah family
  • Tolerating social and cultural differences by tackling sensitive situations with an open mind
  • Respecting and upholding the rule of British law

Who to contact


Where to go

Al Hikmah Secondary School, 82-86
Dunstable Road

Last updated 16/11/2017