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Pastures Way Nursery School

Age range: 0 months to five years old.

Number of current vacant places:
Under 1 year: one space
1 - 2 years: one space
3 - 5 years: 20 spaces
Date updated: October 2018

This setting is a maintained nursery school.

At Pastures Way Nursery School we aim:

To provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment
To nurture self-esteem and respect
To encourage curiosity, independence, active learning and attainment
To develop and foster a learning culture that helps children become successful, enthusiastic and independent learners
To promote good health and enjoyment. We prepare food on the premises.

We believe children learn through play, first- hand experience and meaningful conversation. They make sense of the world through exploring and experimenting.

We support children's learning by stimulating their natural curiosity and encouraging independence.

Head teacher: Joanne Iddenden

Deputy headteacher: Launa Corin

Family worker: Marie Sage

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Pastures Way Nursery School


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Pastures Way

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Last updated 10/08/2023