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Pastures Way Nursery School

Age range: 0 months to five years old.

Number of current vacant places:
Under 1 year: one space
1 - 2 years: one space
3 - 5 years: 20 spaces
Date updated: October 2018

This setting is a maintained nursery school.

At Pastures Way Nursery School we aim:

To provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment
To nurture self-esteem and respect
To encourage curiosity, independence, active learning and attainment
To develop and foster a learning culture that helps children become successful, enthusiastic and independent learners
To promote good health and enjoyment. We have achieved the ‘Family Food First Healthy Eating Award’ and prepare food on the premises

We believe children learn through play, first- hand experience and meaningful conversation. They make sense of the world through exploring and experimenting.

We support children's learning by stimulating their natural curiosity and encouraging independence.

Head teacher: Emma Pobjoy.
Family Worker: Maria Sage

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Pastures Way Nursery School


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Pastures Way

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Last updated 01/12/2021