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Kelly-Marie Killick

Age range: 6 months to 12 years

Number of current vacant places:
Under 1 year: one space Monday to Thursday
1 - 2 years: two spaces Monday to Thursday
3 - 5 years: two spaces Monday to Thursday
6 - 8 years: no spaces
Over 8 years: no spaces
Do you have a waiting list: No
Date of update: 9 August 2018

Curious Cubs is set in a three bedroomed house with a large garden in Vauxhall Park, close to Luton Airport. The setting includes a playroom which houses many toys designed to encourage children’s vocabulary, sensory, and physical development. The playroom also houses a reading area and an arts and crafts table where children ae encouraged to express their creativity. Bright colours and posters fill the walls, with educational phrases to help develop language skills. Here at Curious Cubs we promote learning through play, ensuring that activities are not only fun but also teach children about the world around them.

Our dedicated sleep room provides a quiet and comfortable space for little ones to nap, in keeping with their usual routine at home. Out completely enclosed rear garden also contains numerous outdoor toys and activities for children to enjoy, weather permitting. Frequent trips and outings provide the opportunity to further the children’s exposure to different surroundings and communities, and we can often be found at museums, theatres, activity centres and farms.

All children are provided with three high-quality nutritious meals throughout the day, with healthy snacks in between. We encourage children to take part in planning their menu for the week and helping to prepare meals give them an opportunity to learn more about food! We also offer a pickup and drop off service at an additional cost for parents who do not drive.

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Kelly-Marie Killick

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Funded places:
Two year old funded places - Time for 2s
Three and four year old funded places; universal entitlement - 15 hours and extended entitlement - 30 hours

Last updated 22/03/2019